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FINAL BREATH; A Compelling Murder-Conspiracy Thriller: The DCI Jamie Carver…

“A brilliant follow-up to LAST GASP – loved it.”

  • A monstrous killer, safely behind bars – But just how safe is, ‘safe’?
  • An archive of debauchery and murder, poised to ruin reputations, careers, lives
  • A detective running out of time to find what he seeks
  • Eighteen months on from the case that nearly cost him his life, only DCI Jamie Carver knows the incredible extent of the Worshipper Killer’s network of depravity – and the storm that will hit when others learn of it. They include…


    Pub Date : 2006 | Author : Charles C. Mann | Publisher : Vintage

    ISBN 10 : 9781400032051
    ISBN 13 : 1400032059

    Describes how recent archaeological research has transformed long-held myths about the Americas, revealing far older and more advanced cultures with a greater population than were ..

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