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The Devil’s Dice: The gripping new crime thriller book – a must read for 20…

The Times Crime Book of the Month, April 2018

‘A fascinating debut’ Sunday Times

‘A touch of Agatha Christie, a dash of Ann Cleeves’s Vera and a suitably moody setting in the Peaks…bring a formidable newcomer to British crime writing.’ Daily Mail


A lawyer is found dead in a Peak District cave, his face ribboned with scratches.


Amidst rumours of a local curse, DI Meg Dalton is convinced this is cold-blooded murder. There’s just one catch – chiselled…

The Informationist

Pub Date : 2011 | Author : Taylor Stevens | Publisher : Broadway Books

ISBN 10 : 9780307717108
ISBN 13 : 0307717100

Dealing information to wealthy clients throughout the world, Vanessa Munroe hopes to leave her unconventional past behind her until a mission to find the missing daughter of a Texa..

I Toto

Pub Date : 2013-09-17 | Author : Willard Carroll | Publisher : Harry N. Abrams

ISBN 10 : 1419709836
ISBN 13 : 9781419709838

An illustrated account follows the adventures of Terry, the cairn terrior who played Toto in the "Wizard of Oz."..

Emotional Healing With Homeopathy

Pub Date : 2003 | Author : Peter Chappell | Publisher : North Atlantic Books

ISBN 10 : 9781556434297
ISBN 13 : 1556434294

When an individual has not resolved a negative experience, the stored trauma may lead to such physical problems as high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, gastritis, addictive beha..

Genetic Engineering

Pub Date : 2000 | Author : Mae-Wan Ho | Publisher : Burns & Oates

ISBN 10 : 0826412572
ISBN 13 : 9780826412577

"This book examines the social and political implications of the intimate involvement of genetic engineering science with big corporate business, and it points to serious hazards t..

Decoding The Universe

Pub Date : 2007 | Author : Charles Seife | Publisher : Penguin

ISBN 10 : 0143038397
ISBN 13 : 9780143038399

Introduces information theory, explaining how theorists believe that information is a fundamental element of the physical world and can offer insights into physics, the nature of s..

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